4 comments on “Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

  1. Tiegan says:

    A beautiful bird!

    We had a guinea fowl at school recently, situated in the same space as chickens. Unfortunately, a fox somehow managed to get in. The guinea fowl tried to flutter away, but caught its head in a bit of mesh and choked itself to death…

    Not a nice story, but it’s what the photo reminded me of.


    • tonyparsley says:

      Thanks for the share. Maybe not a nice story, but true life. I love foxes and will spot one every once in a blue moon here. But they are opportunistic. Have a great New Year! — Tony

  2. roberta4949 says:

    love these little guys, my mom had lived next to a guy who had them and they were really neat, they kept the snakes away, once I was driving down this country road and up ahead I thought I saw large rocks in the road I was like what the heck, they were guinea fowl sitting in the road, they moved when I came along. cool looking birds, that same guy had a turkey too (fully wild dressed) that was very friendly and would eat out of my moms hand, he did not et out of mine since we had just met, lol,

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