Evening Visitor Brings Some Peace


Recently, my beautiful and wonderful dog, Lucy, had a relapse of cancer, a very invasive and massive mast cell tumor. Earlier in the year we had taken her in for some fairly invasive surgery to remove a tumor. Just when all seemed well, the newest tumor showed up one evening and grew horribly fast. Due to Lucy’s age and the invasive nature of the cancer, there was no treatment other than try to keep her comfortable. My heart was heavy.

I knew the end was near. I went out for a walk alone in the woods. Off in the distance I spotted this lovely female white-tail deer. Instead of fleeing, she raised her head and looked at me eye to eye. Unbelievably, she began to slowly walk TOWARD me, ever closer, closer, and closer still. Finally, she stood no more than 10 feet directly in front of me. She looked right into my eyes with what I can only describe only as a caring and knowing look. She seemed to be telling me, “All will be well. You and Lucy will be OK. Be at peace, as I am with you at this very moment”. Suddenly, my heart was calm and still. I went home and hugged Lucy and we had an even longer cuddle than usual.

Two nights later, Lucy has passed. And while I am sad, and I miss her dearly, I am trying hard to remember that she is at peace now. “All is well”…

DSC_0559 - Copy

2 comments on “Evening Visitor Brings Some Peace

  1. Ogee says:

    What a beautiful photograph and post. Lucy is running pain and cancer free now. All is well for her. All will be well for you – in time.

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