Voila, Cicada!

And just think…. It only had to be deposited into tree bark as an egg from his mother, form as a nymph, fall to the ground, burrow his way underground (up to 8-feet deep), live underground for up to 18 years, then dig his way back up to the surface, climb up (quite possibly the same) tree, where I just happened to stumble across him just as he began to tear himself away from his exoskeleton. Nature never ceases to amaze!Dawes 2014.08.23 639 

One comment on “Voila, Cicada!

  1. Hi Tony, what a great shot! I got some shots of a cicada in similar circumstances – it was one of my best photo sequences. My daughter (who is native Chinese) wanted me to take a picture of her acting like she was going to eat it. I couldn’t do it (even though she had eaten some in China)! Shots are at http://atrivialmindatwork.com/2014/08/03/cicada/. The artistry of this little creature is astounding!

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